Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Service Team

Welcome to the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Service

We would like to welcome you to the service and introduce you by name to the officers who work within it.

All our officers are here to assist you with licensing matters and aim to deliver a polite, professional, helpful service to the trade.

To contact the service you should email taxi.testing@bradford.gov.uk.

Job role Officer
Licensing Service Manager Carol Stos
Regulatory & Compliance Manager Steven Knighton
Regulatory & Compliance Team Leader Jamie Brown
Customer & Business Support Manager Elisabeth Spencer
Customer & Business Support Team Leader Sadiya Patel
Customer Service & Communication Officer Emma Stirzaker-Lyons
Customer Service & Communication Officer Tanya Smith
Finance & Audit Officer Emma Stott
Business Support Officer Ellie Handley
Business Support Officer Julia Mason
Review & Investigation Officer Adam Chadwick
Review & Investigation Officer Steff Seed
Review & Investigation Officer Jamie McCrevy
Inspection & Compliance Officer Matthew Taylor
Inspection & Compliance Officer Dawn Scollick
Inspection & Compliance Officer Martin Topham
Inspection & Compliance Officer Wajid Hussain
Licensing Officer Agnieszka Burke
Licensing Officer Elaine McGrath
Licensing Officer Hamza Hamid
Licensing Officer Jenny Hirst
Licensing Officer Joshua Harrison
Licensing Officer Rizwan Mahmood
Licensing Officer Finlay McGurk

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