Bradford Peer Review

A peer review was requested by elected members following concerns raised some members of the trades. It was carried out by an independent subject specialist. The general principle of the Review was that the areas covered should be benchmarked against best practice and Leeds Council. The Department of Transport (DoT) Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Licensing Best Practice Guidance has been used for benchmarking purposes, which is recognised at best practice throughout the licensing community. The Officer clarified that the Council does not own and could not influence the Review and as such it can’t be changed, whether or not anyone agrees or disagrees with it.

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Peer Review 'Drop In' Session Summary

An action from the Operator Business Meeting held in November 2017 was for the Service to hold a specific session whereby interested members of the Trade could visit officers to ask questions relating to the 12 recommendations of the Peer Review. This session was held on 13 February 2018 at Richard Dunn Sports Centre. Please click on the link below.