Information for Private Hire Drivers

How do I apply to become a driver?

If you are interested in becoming a Private Hire Driver, please see the following:

How do I renew my badge?

You will receive an email approximately 6 weeks before your current licence expires.

Instructions will be included within the email and attachment as well as a unique reference number which you will need for the online application form.

Please do not ignore this email reminder as leaving it until nearer your renewal date may not allow enough time for the service to renew it. If it expires you will not be able to work.

Please Note: Should your expiry date pass you cannot use the online renewal form. You have to use the link below to apply as a New Driver. There is currently a 4 month waiting period for new driver appointments. 

I have a conviction or have previously been revoked or refused. What should I do?

Please read the suitability policy below before submitting a new driver application or your renewal. All cautions, convictions and investigations must be declared.


Conditions and standards