Hackney Carriage Ranks

This page provides information about Hackney Carriage Ranks and any updates or changes to them.

The following is a list of the current Hackney Carriage ranksĀ around the district.

Use the 'What Three Words' link to open a map showing the precise location of the rank.

City centre

Location Hours of operation 'What Three Words' link
Great Horton Road
(Outside the restaurant between Randall Well Street and Chester Street)
11pm to 3am w3w.co/shirts.tree.chain
Great Horton Road
Outside Tech College
11pm to 3am w3w.co/flags.family.begun
Morley Street
(Above Alhambra)
12am to 12pm w3w.co/tracks.loser.cloth
Morley Street
(Above Fountain Church)
Monday to Saturday, 6pm to 8am
Sunday at any time
Chester Street
(Outside old Walkabout Pub)
8pm to 3am w3w.co/wizard.pens.quiz
Infirmary Street 24 hours w3w.co/storm.bunks.lamps
Rawson Road 24 hours w3w.co/string.shirt.loads
North Parade
(Disabled bay)
6pm to 8am w3w.co/riches.giant.wool
(By Midland Hotel)
24 hours w3w.co/saying.spell.stay
Lower Kirkgate 24 hours w3w.co/advice.lodge.drums
Forster Square Station 24 hours w3w.co/juror.frame.curvy
Rawson Square 24 hours w3w.co/table.stared.burn
Westgate 24 hours w3w.co/moving.renew.split
Sackville Street 24 hours w3w.co/engage.invest.linen
Sunbridge Road 6pm to 6am w3w.co/serve.having.spike
Bridge Street (Rimmington's) 6pm to 8pm w3w.co/achieving.woof.curry
Bank Street 24 hours w3w.co/finely.buddy.cross
Norfolk Gardens 24 hours w3w.co/month.zebra.alone
Interchange 24 hours w3w.co/smart.lodge.boss
Vicar Lane 24 hours w3w.co/agrees.arch.trees
Nelson Street 24 hours w3w.co/hips.kings.hungry
Drake Street 24 hours w3w.co/string.taker.comical
Hall Ings 24 hours w3w.co/modern.before.linen


Location Hours of operation 'What Three Words' link
Chapel Lane 24 hours w3w.co/refutes.proudest.garages
Wellington Street 24 hours w3w.co/skid.juggle.tuned


Location Hours of operation 'What Three Words' link
Kirkgate 24 hours w3w.co/quest.stared.mice
Market Square 11pm to 3am w3w.co/rift.orange.nerve


Location Hours of operation 'What Three Words' link
Brooke Street 24 hours w3w.co/dwarf.grad.contexts
Railway Road 24 hours w3w.co/helpful.tutorial.dance
Station Road 24 hours w3w.co/outsmart.skills.sparks


Location Hours of operation 'What Three Words' link
Cook Street 24 hours w3w.co/spirit.dock.lowest
Hanover Street 24 hours w3w.co/handle.august.spray
North Street 24 hours w3w.co/focus.digits.rash

Rank updates

When any changes are made to the ranks around the district we will publish the information here.