Guidelines for vehicle testing and attending Shearbridge Depot

Vehicle plates will be issued immediately after the completion of a successful test. At your request, the Licensing Service has successfully implemented a process whereby drivers who present their vehicle for safety inspection in a good condition benefit from being able to collect their vehicle plate immediately following the inspection.

Before your vehicle safety test

  • You must have checked the vehicle specifications (PDF) before booking your test to ensure your vehicle is compliant
  • Ensure your vehicle is clean and in a good condition
  • Send your documents when requested as soon as possible:
    • Your log book (pages 2 and 3)
    • The new keeper's slip if you have not received the log book yet
    • Your up-to-date insurance certificate  
  • Check all documents to ensure that they are all in the same name.

At your vehicle safety test

  • Have your badge
  • Ensure your plate bracket is fitted
  • Present your vehicle with the correct decals and visors for your Operator
  • Have your old plate and windscreen disc ready to hand back (if applicable)

After your vehicle safety test

  • Hand over your old plate and windscreen disc
  • Collect your new plate

How long will it take to licence my vehicle?

  • Renewal: Please start the process of licensing your vehicle at least 6 weeks before it is due to expire.
  • New: It will take 2 to 3 weeks to process a new or exchange vehicle once we have received all the correct documents.

How long will my vehicle be licensed for?

  • A CAZ complaint vehicle can be licensed up to being 15 years old, however non CAZ complaint vehicles will only be licensed up to 10 years for standard vehicles and 12 years for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, provided it is licensed prior to it being 10 years old. More information can be found in the vehicle specification document (PDF) 

What if my vehicle fails?

  • We will provide a vehicle failure sheet which provides an explanation and whether there is any re-test fee to pay. If the vehicle is re-tested and passes within 10 days you will still be able to collect your plate in the workshop.
  • If your vehicle does not pass within 10 days you will need to email us at to arrange for another test.

 I haven't insured my car yet. Can I still book it in?

  • New: a test date will be given, but we will still need to see proof of insurance 72 hours before the test date.
  • Renewal: a renewal vehicle should always be insured.

I work for 2 Operators. Which decals and visors should I put on?

You must display permanent door decals for your main Operator and you must ensure that your windscreen visors match the door decals you are displaying

What do I do if the vehicle has been in an accident?

You have a legal obligation to contact us within 72 hours of any collision. Email us at and we will contact you with further information.

Which vehicles will you accept to be licensed?

Please see the vehicle specification document (PDF). You must ensure that the vehicle you are asking us to licence meets the specifications. 

I can’t find my badge. Can I still collect my plate?

No, you will need to email us at and request that your plates be posted out.           

What do I do if I want to change my vehicle mid-licence?

Please email us at and let us know which vehicle you’re wanting to stop using and the details of the new vehicle.

What should be kept in my vehicle?

  • Spare bulb kit
  • Insurance certificate – if not available immediately it can be kept electronically

Sending us copies of documents

  • Take the photo from directly above
  • Turn off your flash
  • Fill the frame with as much of the document as possible
  • Ensure nothing is cropped off
  • Check the image is clear and readable before you send it.
  • Do not select 'small' if asked about scaling the image. Select 'medium', 'large' or 'actual size'

Vehicle test guidelines

Please do:   

  • Be punctual for your appointment. You must arrive 5 minutes before your inspection time. Failure to arrive on time will result in your vehicle not being tested and a wasted test fee will be payable.   
  • Park in an allocated parking spot before your test.
  • Have a warning triangle and spare bulb kit in the vehicle.
  • Display the windscreen visors, side door decals and no smoking sticker.

Health and safety

  • You must not drive your vehicle into the workshop unless instructed by the examiner.
  • Please remove any valuables from your car.   
  • Do not bring children to the workshop.

Please do not

  • Take your vehicle into the workshop unless instructed by the examiner.
  • Attempt to put your vehicle on the ramp unsupervised.

If you are not attending for a vehicle inspection, you must not park in the depot due to congestion, your vehicle will be clamped and a release fee will be payable.   

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