How do I become a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Driver?

Due to an increase in the number of New Driver applications currently being received, it will take longer than usual to process your application. Thank you for your patience.

Please ensure that you have read and fully understood all the information in the following sections before you apply as all fees and any costs incurred are non-refundable.

Bradford Council has a responsibility for making sure that all drivers of private hire or hackney carriage vehicles are fit and proper persons to hold such licences. There are a number of different checks that are undertaken during the application process that help us to make this decision. 

Stage 1 – Meeting the eligibility criteria.

Before applying, please ensure you meet all points in the Eligibility section below.

  • You must have a right to work in the UK – A copy of your UK or Irish Passport or a Right to Work Share Code will be requested via a secure link.
  • You must be over 18 years old before applying, if not, your application will be cancelled.
  • You must have held a full UK Driving Licence for more than 1 year before applying, if not, your application will be cancelled.
  • If you have held a UK Driving Licence for less than 3 years, you will be asked to provide a copy of a Pass Plus certificate before your application is processed.
  • You must have a basic understanding of spoken and written English; this is assessed in your video interview by a Licensing Officer
  • You must meet our driver suitability criteria: Driver Suitability Policy - March 2019 (PDF, 100kb)
  • If you have any current or previous convictions, cautions, warnings or penalty points please ensure you have fully read all sections of the policy as all fees are non-refundable.

Stage 2 – Documents required

After you have read the above criteria and are confident you meet all the points, please see the below on what to do next.

Please ensure you have the below documents fully completed before applying. Documents are requested via email using a safe and secure link and will be processed in date order so there may be a wait.

Please note – All names and addresses must match completely, if you have a middle name or any extra names they need to show also. We cannot accept documents with misspelt or missing names and/or different addresses.

A completed Statutory Declaration form and countersigned photo – Dated within 6 months

To be completed by a Solicitor or a Justice of Peace. Please ensure your full name including any middle names are filled in each section and on the rear of the photo. Dates on the statutory declaration and photo must match.

If you are applying for a Private Hire licence, please click the link to download a copy of the declaration here - Private Hire Statutory Declaration (PDF)

If you are applying for a Hackney Carriage licence (white town taxi) please click the link to download a copy of the declaration here: Hackney Carriage Statutory Declaration (PDF)

Please note – All convictions, cautions, warnings, and penalty points need to be noted on the Declaration regardless of the length of time passed.

Medical Report form – Dated within 6 months

To be completed by a registered GP who has had full access to your medical records. Please ensure this is completed in full and page 7 has your own GP details added.

Medical Report Form (PDF) can be used for both Private Hire and Hackney Carriage applications. When uploading your documents please ensure they are uploaded in page order.

A right to work in the UK

UK or Irish passport holders

You will be asked to provide a copy of a valid (in date) UK or Irish Passport via a secure link. We will need to see your original passport later in the process.

Non-UK or Irish passport holders

You will be asked for a Right to Work Share Code as we are unable to accept a copy of a Biometric Visa as evidence. Instructions on how to obtain a share code will be in the email requesting this. 

Please note - for non-UK or Irish Passport holders, if your right to work does not cover the full licence that you have applied for you will be provided with a short licence, your licence will be extended once your right to work has been extended.

Please note – we are unable to issue a licence beyond the expiry of your right to work.

A UK Driving Licence

A copy of the front of your driving licence will be requested via a secure link. Please ensure your full name and correct address is on the licence and there are no errors to the spelling of your names.

A DVLA check code

Please do not do this until we have requested it as there is a time limit on checking your driving licence via a code. Instruction on how to obtain a DVLA check code will be given on the email requesting this, please ensure the code you provide is exact as the codes are case sensitive.

A Pass Plus certificate (if required)

We are unable to process your application until you have provided a Pass Plus certificate if you have held your driving licence for less than 3 years. This will be requested via a secure link once the documents are required.

Please note – Due to the high volume of applications, there are time limit requirements throughout the application process. When the above documents have been requested via email, there is a 3-month deadline in which to submit them otherwise your application may be cancelled.

Stage 3 - How to apply

Due to the high increase in new driver applications, there will be a wait before your documents are requested. Once you are sure you have read the eligibility criteria and your documents have been completed, please see below to apply.

There will be a non-refundable fee of £30 payable at the end of the online application.

The full licence fee will be payable once a licence is due to be issued. The licence fee is £81 for a 1-year licence and £199 for a 3-year licence. Please note that applications cannot be changed once they have been submitted. Please ensure that you complete the correct application form.

To apply for a Private Hire Licence

Apply for a Private Hire Driver Licence

To apply for a Hackney Carriage Licence (white town taxis)

Apply for a Hackney Carriage Driver Licence

Once we have received all the documents required you will receive an email of acknowledgement.

If you believe you have provided all the documents required but have not received an acknowledgement email, please email the Service at with your full name and contact number for an update to your application.

Please note – You must email the Service from the email address on your application form as due to data protection we are unable to respond to email addresses not registered with that application.

Stage 4 – Processing application

Due to the high increase in new driver applications, there will be a wait before your application is assigned to a Licensing Officer, please be patient.

Once your application has been assigned to a Licensing Officer, they will review and check the documents you have provided. Once these checks have been carried out you will be contacted via the contact number provided on your application to discuss your application further.

Please note - you may be called from a withheld number.

The Licensing Officer will explain the next stages to you and what you have left to do to complete your application. This will include a Microsoft Teams interview, a DBS application, a Driving Standards Assessment, the New Driver Modular Training course and providing an operator letter.

The above may differ if your application requires an Officer Review due to DBS convictions or Penalty Points, this will be explained to you in your Microsoft Teams video interview.

Please note – all fees paid are non-refundable and there is a 6-month timeframe in which to complete your application.

Stage 5 – Completion of application

Following a successful review of your application you will be emailed a link in which to pay the fee for your licence.

Once the payment has been received your badge and paper licence will be posted to your home address, please allow 7 working days for this to arrive.

Once you have received your badge you may start working. Your badge must always be worn where it can be seen.

How long will the process take?

Due to the volume of new driver applications, we are unable to provide a time limit.

What is the New Driver Modular Training Course?

This is a 1-day course held at Shearbridge Depot. The course is split into different modules such as, the knowledge test, which tests your knowledge of Bradford and important landmarks etc. Customer service: testing your understanding of how to treat and deal with customers. Child Sexual Exploitation: testing your understanding of how to recognise and respond. There is no training material to study so the above will be based on your knowledge and understanding.

What is the Driving Standards Assessment (DSA) Course?

This is an advanced driving course to make sure you are a safe and responsible driver. Find out how to book the Driving Standards Assessment course.

What if I have penalty points or old/current convictions?

All penalty points, cautions, convictions must be noted on your application and statutory declaration, before applying please ensure you have read and understood our suitability policy (PDF).

Further information for drivers