Guidelines for Private Hire Vehicles

How do I apply for a Vehicle Licence?

To apply for a Private Hire Vehicle Licence you should complete the:

How do I transfer my Private Hire Vehicle?

The vehicle must be currently licensed or it cannot be transferred. If the licence has expired, the new vehicle process needs to be followed.

It is the legal responsibility of the vehicle proprietor to inform the Council if they transfer their private hire vehicle to another person. This must be done within 14 days of the sale of the vehicle.

Transfer of existing licence to current expiry date

To transfer a licence to the end of the existing licence date this is the procedure to follow. Both the seller and the buyer should come to the office and complete the following:

It will then depend on how long is left on the licence as to which process to follow, see below:

The officer dealing with the transfer will:

  1. Check the current Private Hire Vehicle file.
  2. Check both the seller and buyer are present. Check the identity of the Seller matches the name and address on the file.
  3. If the buyer is taking over the existing licence to the current expiry date then they do not need a vehicle test.
  4. The appropriate fee is to be paid, a receipt will be issued.
  5. The buyer must provide the following documentation:
    • Log book in the buyer’s name
    • MOT certificate
    • Current Insurance certificate (if the proprietor is not a Private Hire Driver then you must be excluded from driving on the insurance)
    • Your Private Hire Drivers badge
  6. We will carry out a HPI check. If the vehicle is a Category A or B the vehicle will not be licensed, if it is a category C or D then an Autolign Certificate is required.
  7. We will confirm the proprietors address and date of birth
  8. We will need to know which operator the vehicle is going to work for

Transfer of existing licence for a full 1 year licence

If the Buyer does not want to take over the existing licence but requires a full 1 year licence a vehicle test is required. The vehicle plates (windscreen and back plate) are required to be handed in, unless the seller's insurance covers any driver to drive.

How do I have my vehicle tested?

Please read the following:

What are the Vehicle Accessibility Specifications?

The specification of vehicles for wheelchair accessibility and non wheelchair accessibility are available in:

Where can I find out about advertising?

Information about advertising on Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Vehicles is explained on the following page:

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