Guidelines for Private Hire Vehicles

How do I renew my vehicle licence?

An email will be sent to your registered email address with instructions to renew your existing vehicle licence.

This will be sent approximately 6 weeks before the licence expiry date. Please ensure you respond to the email in plenty of time.

Please do not use the new vehicle application form to renew your licence. This will delay your new licence and may mean you are unable to work. 

How do I apply for a new vehicle licence?

Prior to applying for a vehicle to be licensed please read the following information for vehicle specifications.

When you are satisfied your vehicle meets the specification requirements, please use the following link to apply for a new Private Hire Vehicle licence.

How do I transfer my Private Hire Vehicle?

We are not able to facilitate the transfer of licensed vehicles between proprietors. If you are selling a vehicle that is licensed you will need to surrender the plates on the vehicle before you sell it. Please email us at and we will contact you for further information. If you are purchasing a vehicle that has a licence, you must ensure the proprietor informs us of the sale, otherwise the processing of your application will be delayed. 

Provided the old licence has been surrendered, the new vehicle owner should use the following link to apply and pay.

How do I exchange a vehicle?

If you wish to change your licensed vehicle please email us at We will send you a link with information on it. Please following the instruction on the link to apply and pay for the vehicle exchange.

How do I have my vehicle tested?

Please read the guidelines for vehicle testing and attending Shearbridge Depot.

What are the Vehicle Accessibility Specifications?

The specification of vehicles for wheelchair accessibility and non wheelchair accessibility are available in:

Where can I find out about advertising?

Information about advertising on Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Vehicles is explained on the following page: