Communication with HCPH Service about your licence requirements

Letter to the trade May 2018

The below letter to the trade as issued by post. Please click on the link below for details of the current position and future changes.

Letter to the trade October 2017

The below letter to the trade as issued by post.

Please read carefully the letter and the new process for 'click and collect' and 'drop and collect':

Reduce your visits to Shearbridge and reduce your waiting times

The service is striving to ensure that we assist you, our customers by reducing your number of visits to the licensing office and by reducing your waiting time when you do have to attend. By doing this it means that you can spend more time on the road, earning your living.

How to contact effectively by email

Please continue to help us to help you by emailing the service. Sending an email is the most efficient way for you to deal with your query as it saves you unnecessary visits to the depot and saves you time queuing on a phone.

As many of you are now emailing us we would now like to help you manage your expectations and help you with your requirements and timescales.

Please read and remember the following points:

  • you can renew your badge or plate a month before the expiry date - without any loss of licensing time
  • we aim to answer all received emails within 5 to 10 days (not on the day an email is received)
  • we will not normally reply to an email within 24 hour
  • if you send an email and you have not received a reply within 2 or 3 days, you should not send any reminders as this just increases the emails received and slows down the response time

Ensure that when you email you always state your:

  • name
  • Badge/Plate/Operator Licence number
  • the type of transaction you are wishing to do - for example, renew my badge, renew my vehicle licence, complete a DBS check,
  • a contact telephone number

We constantly strive to improve the service we can offer you as our customer and are working on a number of initiatives that will further improve your customer experience in the coming months. Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you, our customer in the future.