Agreed changes to conditions - July 2017

New conditions 13 July 2017

I am writing to you following the meeting of the Regulatory and Appeals Committee on the 13th July 2017 when it approved five conditions that affect hackney carriages and private hire licensing. The conditions listed below are summarised for your ease of reference.

  1. Displaying CSE/Safeguarding Information to Customers in Licensed Vehicles Condition introduced requiring proprietors of licensed vehicles to display approved safeguarding material on the inside of a vehicles rear passenger window (nearside). The condition shall also require operators and drivers to ensure the sticker remains in place.
  2. Suitability of Employees Condition introduced requiring operators/proprietors to conduct adequate background checks on non BMDC licensed employees and to also provide training for employees who work within their business. The condition shall also require a work activity record to be maintained showing the hours/shifts such employees work. All such information shall be made available to the Licensing Service on request.
  3. Employee Charter/Code of Conduct Condition introduced requires operators/proprietors to produce an employee charter/code of conduct. A code of conduct would lay out a set of rules outlining the expectations and guiding principles for an individual’s behaviour within a work environment. A code of conduct aims to promote good practice within the operator business.
  4. Amendment to HCPH licensing policy following Deregulation Act 2015 Issue Drivers HCPH licences for a one year period £81 or three year period £199. Issue Operator’s licences for a five year period £607 (1 vehicle) £788 (More than 1 vehicle)
  5. Vehicle Safety and Maintenance Condition introduced requiring the proprietor of a licensed vehicle to provide a certificate of mechanical safety and vehicle maintenance (in accordance with the vehicle’s user handbook) at the scheduled intervals. Also, that the certificates are retained to provide a history of the vehicles safety record.

Retest fees from 11 September 2017

Failure type Charge
Fail (Max 2 minor faults) Free
Fail Multiple (3 - 4 minor faults) £20
Fail Multiple (5 or more minor faults) £75
Fail Safety Critical (1 x defect) £100
Fail Dangerous (2 x defects) £100 + possible suspension

If you require further information regarding your vehicle failure types then you should email in the first instance and your queries can be passed on to the relevant officers.