Wilsden Library

Opening Hours

Day Opening times
Tuesday 10am to 7pm

About Wilsden Library

This library was opened in 1976 and is located in the Village Hall. The library is well placed towards the middle of the village just off the main road. When the library is open, the space in the adjacent room is used as the main body of the library thereby expanding the space. The library shelving is all set on mobile island units which can be easily moved. The library has a floor area of 67 square metres. There is a car park adjacent to the building for users of the centre. As well as over 4,000 books and free internet access, the library offers regular storytimes, activity sessions, and access to information throughout the district. Management of the library was transferred to the community in March 2012 and volunteers provide the service with support from Bradford Libraries.

Standards Actual 2015-16
Floor Area (IFLA 1962): 40 square metres per 1,000 population 67
New items purchased: 216 per 1,000 population 323
Public access computers: 6 per 10,000 population 2
Book Issues 1644
Audio Visual Issues 5
Visitors per Annum: l 6,000 visits per 1,000 population n/a

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