Mental Health Social Work team

What is the Mental Health Social Work team?

A team of Mental Health Social Workers, supporting individuals on their journey towards recovery following a mental health crisis.

Based in Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) Acute services (psychiatric hospitals), specialised services, Integrated Outreach Team (IOT) and Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) team. We work under a generic title known as care coordinators and work in collaboration with health colleagues to provide seamless mental health services.

We have a dedicated Reviewing Team, who review funded support by the Local Authority to ensure the support continues to meet the needs of the service user.

We believe people are in charge of their own lives and support the well-being and independence of individuals, exploring early actions which may prevent long term problems.

We assess individual’s needs under the Care Act 2014, focusing on the strengths of the individual and their network. See more about the eligibility criteria under the Care Act 2014 (

We operate a 24-hour duty system to assess the immediate needs of people under the Mental Health Act. (MHA). This can be access via the First Response Service (FRS) or the Emergency Duty team after office hours.

We can offer support via our voluntary colleagues:

  • Sharing Voices - a community mental health organisation.
  • Mind in Bradford - a local mental health charity supporting people of all-ages in Bradford and Craven.
  • The Cellar Trust - mental health support for adults in Bradford.
  • Safe Spaces – is a crisis support service provided by Mind in Bradford and The Cellar Trust

How do I seek support?

We accept referrals from your GP and the FRS. These referrals are assessed by an assessment team, who request support via the CMHT. We also work with service users who are admitted to psychiatric hospitals.

The specialist services - Reviewing Team, IOT - usually accept referrals from secondary care services.

EIP accept referrals from members of the public (01274 221021) via the GP or secondary services.

The AMHP duty service accepts referrals from the police, FRS and the Intensive Home Treatment Team (IHTT). In addition, we consider MHA assessment requests by the Nearest Relative.

To identify who is the Nearest Relative read identification of nearest relative on Mental Health Law Online.

Who is it for?

  • People with "acute and or chronic" mental illness
  • People who struggle to manage due to a decline in mental health
  • People who have complex needs alongside a mental illness, such as, but not limited to, drug and alcohol use, people subject to sections under the MHA, such as detention in hospital or orders within the community.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to this service.  However, support provided under the Care Act may include charges.

How do I get it?

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