Extra Care Housing

What is Extra Care Housing?

Extra Care Housing is housing designed with the needs of frailer people in mind and with varying levels of care and support available on site.

People who live in Extra Care Housing have their own self contained homes, their own front doors and a legal right to occupy the property. It is a popular choice among older people because it can sometimes provide an alternative to a care home. Extra Care Housing is also known as very sheltered housing, assisted living, or 'housing with care'. It comes in many forms, including blocks of flats, bungalow estates and retirement villages.

Additional resources and services can be included in Extra Care such as restaurant or dining room, health and fitness facilities, hobby rooms and even computer rooms. Domestic support and personal care are available, Properties can be rented, owned or part owned/part rented..

Who is it for?

Extra Care Housing is designed to meet the care and support needs of people over 55 and younger people with disabilities who are becoming more frail and less able to do everything for themselves.

It can provide a real alternative to residential care for older people who value their independence, by providing self contained housing with support and care onsite.

Who provides it?

There are seven different schemes in the Bradford district, managed by five housing providers.

Extra care housing schemes:

  • Dove Court and Woodside Court are managed by Hanover 
  • Mary Seacole Court and Staveley Court are managed by Housing 21 
  • Rowanberries is managed by MHA Care Group 
  • Hallcroft is managed by Anchor 
  • Grove House is managed by Abbeyfield Ilkley Society Ltd 
  • Wagtail Close is managed by Habinteg and is for people with learning disabilities

Is there a charge?

There is a charge for Extra Care Housing, whether you will need to pay or contribute towards costs will depend on your personal circumstances.

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Contact details

Adult Services Access Point

Phone : 01274 435400
Emergency Duty Team : 01274 431010

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