Home Care

What is Home Care?

The Bradford Enablement Support Team (BEST) provides a short period of assessment to people who may struggle to live independently at home. This could include following a hospital admission, a decline in health or family may no longer be able to provide the required support. The aim of the service is to maximise your independence and ability to support yourself in your home environment.

A person centred discussion will take place with you.  This will enable us to create a service tailored to meet your individual needs. The assessment period on average takes around 4 weeks to complete. Once your ongoing needs are established, then the service would become chargeable. Should your assessment not be completed within 6 weeks, our services would then automatically become chargeable.

Charges will be discussed at the initial set up of service and also throughout the assessment period.

We are registered with Care Quality Care Commission (CQC) as a provider of home care. You can visit the CQC website to view our rating or ring 03000 616161.

Who is Home Care for?

  • Frail and elderly people
  • People with disabilities
  • Families and carers who are struggling to meet the needs of someone

When is the service available?

The BEST service works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As an assessment team we are not able to offer allocated call times, however we do take into account medication, mobility and continence requirements.

For more information, contact the Independence Advice Hub on 01274 435400 or on the Independence Advice Hub online form.

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