Blue badge parking

Information about where you can and cannot use a blue badge can be found in the Blue Badge booklet 'The Blue Badge Scheme: rights and responsibilities in England'.

Where not to park

  • where there is a loading ban in place
  • on dropped kerb
  • on pedestrian crossings
  • in restricted bus stops and taxi ranks
  • on School Keep Clear restrictions
  • in bus, tram and cycle lanes
  • in No Stopping (24 hour) Clearways
  • in suspended parking bays

If you park in these areas you will be treated like any other driver and may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Please see below for some of the main restrictions where a Blue Badge cannot be used:

No loading

Kerb bar markings and a "No loading at any time" sign. There will also be yellow lines on the edge of the carriageway.

No loading at any time

Kerb bar markings and a "No Loading between the hours" sign. There will also be a single or double yellow line on the edge of the carriageway.

No loading Mon - Sat 8.30am - 6.30pm

Loading bay

Bay only to be used for loading or unloading of goods.

Loading bay

Bus stops

Bus Stop Clearway, no stopping except buses.

Bus stop. No stopping except local buses

Parking in Bradford district

Free limited waiting bays

Blue badge holders can park in limited wait bays with their blue badge and clock displayed.

Single or double yellow lines

Park for a maximum of 3 hours:

  • where there are no loading/unloading restrictions that apply
  • providing you don’t cause an obstruction to other road users or pedestrians
  • your parking clock must be displayed set at the time of arrival
  • please ensure you are not parked adjacent to a dropped kerb

Council Car Parks

Our Pay and Display bays are free of charge to blue badge holders. You can park for the maximum time that the car park allows eg if the maximum tariff is 3 hours, you can park for free for up to 3 hours with your Blue Badge and time clock on display in your vehicle.

Some of our car parks are for permit holders. Even if you park in a disabled bay in one of these car parks you must display a valid permit as well as your blue badge.

On-street disabled bays

Some designated disabled bays in Bradford have a time limit. You can only park for the length of time shown on the parking sign and you must display your time clock set at the time of arrival.

How to apply for a blue badge 

For further information about the blue badge scheme and to apply for a blue badge please visit our blue badge scheme page.


Blue badge misuse and fraud

We are committed to reducing fraudulent use of blue badges by prosecuting drivers who misuse them.

Blue badge misuse:

  • using a badge that is no longer valid
  • using a valid badge when the badge holder is not present (either with or without the badge holders permission)
  • using a badge that has been lost, stolen or photocopied

Report blue badge fraud or misuse

You can use our online form to report misuse or fraud now, or you call the confidential fraud hotline on 01274 437511.