Blue Badge misuse and fraud

What is Blue Badge misuse or fraud?

It can include:

  • using a badge which is no longer valid 
  • using a badge when the badge holder has died 
  • using a badge that's been forged or copied 
  • using a badge that's been lost or stolen 
  • a valid badge that is misused by a friend or relative.

Also, remember that:

  • The Blue Badge holder must be travelling in the vehicle for the Blue Badge to be valid. 
  • It must not be used by anyone doing business on behalf of the badge holder, when the badge holder is not or has not travelled in the vehicle. 
  • When the badge is displayed, the expiry date and the badge serial number must be visible. The photo and badge holder’s name should face down.

How do I report Blue Badge misuse or fraud?

You can use our online form to report misuse or fraud now, or you call the confidential fraud hotline on 01274 437511.

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