Pedestrian zone

City Centre

Vehicular access to the pedestrianised zone in Bradford City Centre (Ivegate, Kirkgate, Bank Street, Tyrrel Street, Hustlergate and parts of Darley Street) is restricted. The reason for this is to help make the City Centre a more attractive and secure place for shoppers and visitors.

The restrictions are:

  • no waiting at any time
  • all vehicles are prohibited except for:
    • loading and unloading between 4.30pm and 10.30am
    • access to the Kirkgate underground service bay
    • if prior authorisation has been granted

All loading and unloading must be carried out before 10.30am or after 4.30pm

Vehicles inside the zone at other times may receive a Penalty Charge Notice and may also be impeded by the removable bollards which will be in situ from 10.30am until 4.30pm.

Businesses are requested to keep their suppliers informed.


The restrictions are:

  • no waiting at any time
  • vehicles are prohibited except:
    • buses
    • permit holders
    • Blue Badge holders
    • for loading and unloading (must be continuous)

Request access to the pedestrianised zone for vehicles

You should request access to the pedestrian zone, giving 48 hours notice where possible

Request access to the pedestrian zone for vehicles