Future proposals for parking charges and permits

Across the District, Bradford Council manages and maintains a number or public car parking locations with both on-street and off street options, these include the city centre, various towns and village centres and in popular locations such as Haworth and Saltaire. Historically a number of charging regimes have been applied, and feedback has been this confuses users. As part of a wider review the Council is looking to introduce a more consistent and standardised approach to charging.

Standardisation of off-street parking charges

Under the proposals it will cost £1 per hour to park up to three hours, or £4 for over three hours at car parks in towns and villages across the Bradford District.

A number of car parks are already charging this rate, however, to standardise the charging structure the changes will affect the sites listed below.

  • Shipley - Saville, Shipley Swimming Pool, Market Place, Atkinson Street, Westcliffe Road, Wharf Street and Briggate
  • Baildon - Ian Clough and The Grove
  • Wilsden - Royds House
  • Bingley - St Ives
  • Keighley - Carr Street, Scott Street and Church Green
  • Silsden - Bridge Street and Wesley Place
  • Ilkley - Denton Road

The Council is also looking to introduce new locations for pay and display car parks at the below locations and charge the new standardised town and village prices detailed above.

  • Steeton - Market Street
  • Idle - The Green
  • Burley in Wharfedale - Main Street
  • Addingham - Main Street, Bolton Road
  • Wibsey - Tennyson Road
  • Ilkley - Denton Road
  • Leeds Road – Orange Street

Based on local need and feedback from local residents and businesses, It is also proposed to offer contract car parking permits for the sites in Wibsey, Idle and Burley in Wharfedale.

At its high demand car parks, the council is proposing a charge of £1.50 per hour from 8am to 10pm, this will replace the current post 6pm evening charge. These charges will include Bank Holidays and will apply to disabled badge holders at these sites.

The current high demand car parks are:

  • Bradford City Centre - Crown Court Vicar Lane, Sharpe Street, Radwell Drive, Raphael House and Jacobs Well (Currently closed)
  • Saltaire - Exhibition Road and Caroline Street
  • Ilkley - South Hawksworth, Railway Road and Wharfe View Road
  • Haworth - Museum

In order for the proposed charges to be adopted the Council must by law undertake a formal consultation process, a draft legal order has to be developed and published together with a map showing the affected locations along side the Statement of Reasons which outlines the reason/s for proposing the Changes.

The proposed changes are currently advised in the Telegraph and Argus, Bingley, Shipley and Keighley libraries and as notices in all the affected car parks.

The consultation period ended on 7 June 2024. All objections have been received and responded to with exception of those for Idle and Burley in Wharfedale which will be processed at a later date and have been moved to a separate order. The legal order was sealed on the 11 July 2024 and the implementation of these off-street changes will be delivered between 15 – 26 July with the exception of the Idle and Burley sites.

Pricing changes for permits

As part of an annual review process, The Council has reviewed the costs we charge for permits and are proposing the following pricing structure:

  • A charge of £250 per year for Ilkley Worker Contract and Ilkley Business Permits.
  • A £35 per year charge for Residents, Visitors, Special and Health and Social Care Visitors Permits.
  • An £80 charge per year for Business Permits in residential permit schemes
  • New charges of £40 per year for an Additional Visitors Permit. Note this is a new permit type which may only be accessible to certain schemes following a review.

The charges are in line with other neighbouring local authorities and the income generated helps to preserve existing on street parking and traffic schemes and well as funding the delivery and implantation of new schemes across the Bradford District.

Charges for Business and Contract permits which are priced higher paid by instalments through out the year.

The legal consultation process will be advertised through the Councils usual legal processes at which point, residents will be able to engage in the consultation process and send their view for and against the proposals in writing either by post or email, after the advertised deadline date, all submissions will be collated, reviewed and responded to accordingly.

We will update further details on this page when the orders are advertised and are open for public comment. We anticipate this will be advertised before end of July 2024.

Standardisation of on–street parking charges

The Council manages a number of on street parking locations, the Council is looking to standardise prices for these locations across the Bradford District and remove any free parking periods.

The legal consultation process will be advertised through the Council's legal process at which time residents and members of the public will be able to engage in the consultation process and send their views in writing either by post or email. These will be tabled, reviewed and responded accordingly.

We will update further details on this site when the orders for this element are advertised, when we have more information.