View evidence or challenge your parking or bus lane penalty

View evidence or challenge your parking or bus lane penalty now

If you are making an appeal for a bus lane penalty or you have received a Notice to Owner letter for a parking penalty only the registered keeper can appeal. This rule does not apply if you have hired the vehicle and have received correspondence from the Council.

Step one

Before you start make sure that you have your vehicle registration number and your penalty charge notice (PCN) number. The penalty charge number starts with BQ and is 10 digits long.

For parking contraventions this information may be found on your PCN:

For bus lane contraventions this information maybe found on your letter in the top right hand side text box.

Step two

Click on the link View evidence or challenge your parking or bus lane penalty now to view or challenge your penalty.

Step three

Enter your BQ reference number and contravention code as outlined above in step one.

Step four

You can now view your grounds of appeal by clicking on the relevant headings. This will help you to decide either to appeal or pay.

Step five

On the right hand side you will see three options in orange:


This button will take you to the web page where you can appeal or challenge.

View photos

This button will take you to the web page where you can view evidence.


This button will take you directly to the web page where you can pay the penalty.

Step six

If you are making an appeal or challenge you must ensure that:

  • You complete all your contact details in full.
  • You give a full explanation as to your reasons for appealing the PCN
  • You attach the relevant evidence to support your appeal

When attaching evidence to support your appeal, make sure that you click the add button before sending.

Step seven

You will then reach a confirmation page that acknowledges receipt of your appeal.

Step eight

If your appeal is received within the 14 day discount period but is rejected, you will be allowed a further 14 days to pay the reduced charge. This applies at the first stage of appeal only.

You will receive a response through the post.  

Please note

If you have any difficulties accessing or using the online system we advise you to try again as faults are quickly resolved.

You may be required to re-enter your details more than once, unfortunately this cannot be avoided.

How to challenge a penalty

You can:

  • challenge a penalty online
  • challenge a penalty by post. You can write to us at Parking Services, PO BOX 848, Bradford
    BD1 5UH. Please include your name, address and Penalty Charge Notice number. Replies to postal challenges take longer.

You may not challenge your penalty if:

  • you have paid it. You must either pay or challenge, not both
  • you have received a Charge Certificate as by this time it is too late to challenge

If you challenge your penalty within 14 days when it is at the discount stage, we will re-offer you the discount if your challenge is unsuccessful.

What happens next?

We will assess each case and if it is found that the PCN was issued incorrectly, it will be cancelled and no payment required.

Alternatively, if we feel the PCN was issued correctly then we will send you a letter explaining the reasons for the decision. We will also explain at this stage how you may make an appeal to an independent adjudicator at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT). The Adjudication will consider each case and their decision is final.

Parking and Traffic Regulations

Bradford Council is a member of the Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London (PATROL) Adjudication Joint Committee.

Challenge a penalty online now

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