Parking permits

Apply for a parking permit now

Please note that you should not park within a permit area without a valid permit on display in your vehicle. You may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice if you do not display a valid permit in your vehicle.

Visitor's permits

Visitor’s permits may only be given to those calling at the permit holder's address. It is the householder's responsibility to ensure that their permit is retrieved from a visitor’s vehicle at the end of their stay.

Your duties as a permit holder

All permits must be displayed clearly in the windscreen of the vehicle. A permit is only valid if it is displayed so that all its details are visible.

It is your duty to ensure:

  • your permit has not expired 
  • that the registration number is correct 
  • your permit is used in accordance with the conditions of issue as seen on the letter and reverse of the permit.

How to renew your permit

Renew your parking permit now

It is your responsibility to renew your permit.

You must renew your parking permit if:

  • your permit expires - visitor's and resident's permits are valid for two years 
  • you change your vehicle - send in the old permit with your new vehicle log book

Permits will be renewed free of charge unless you have lost your permit, it has been damaged or it has been taken away by a visitor. In such cases there is a replacement charge of £10. Please telephone 01274 434300 to pay.

Withdrawal of a permit

A permit may be withdrawn or invalidated if:

  • it is found that a permit is not being used in accordance with these guidelines 
  • it is found that a person is no longer eligible to hold a permit 
  • the permit is altered or defaced in anyway or passed to unauthorised users.

Landlord or special permits

If you require a permit for a limited period in order to undertake essential work at a property within a permit scheme you may be entitled to a special permit.

Requests can be made by email:

Please enclose your name, property address, contact number, description and estimated time of works.

There is a charge of £10 for this type of permit.

Waiver permits

A waiver permit is a permit which authorises a vehicle to park in or on a restriction for operational reasons.

Specific work areas where a dispensation may be allowed are:

  • building works
  • window cleaners
  • scaffolding
  • special events
  • shop fitting or glazing
  • filming

Each application for a waiver permit will be considered on its own merits taking into account the proximity of the nearest marked parking or loading bay and whether the activity for which the dispensation is sought could reasonably be conducted from that bay. We will also consider local traffic factors when making our decision.

To apply for a waiver permit please complete the application form for a waiver permit.

Please note that access to the pedestrianised area will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances. For more information please read our pedestrian zone page.

For authorisation to park on City Park please email

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