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Submit a demolition notice

Submission of Building Regulation Demolition Notice, Regularisation and Reversion Applications

Please help us by submitting these applications by email to Payments can be made by telephone on 01274 433807 from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday or online at Pay a building regulations fee or invoice.

Demolition of buildings can improve immensely the surrounding environment and make way for new design. It can also contribute to the conservation of the Earth's depleting stock of natural materials, in most cases 85% of demolition materials can be reduced, reclaimed, re-used and recycled.

Like most construction work, it is subject to controls introduced to protect neighbouring property, the environment and public health. Demolition work must not start without notice, in writing by the person undertaking the work, being given to Building Control. This notice must be given 6 weeks before the work starts so that Building Control can visit the site to decide whether any special measures should be incorporated into the proposed demolition, such as shoring adjacent buildings, weather proofing exposed walls, disconnecting and sealing drains. It is also important to note when costing a job that burning materials on site is not permitted.

To submit a notification please complete the application form on this page. 

The fee for this application is £212.

When demolishing dwellings the Planning Service will also need to be informed.