Full Plans application

A full plans application can be used for all types of building work. This procedure involves submitting detailed plans, specifications and, where needed, calculations to the Council.

Make an application online Planning Portal.

We welcome the submission of building regulation applications online via the Planning Portal. The Planning Portal will take you through the online submission process from selecting the appropriate forms and attaching documents to formally submitting the application and paying the application fee. 

Make an application via the Planning Portal

Full Plans application form (PDF)

Full Plans application notes and checklist (PDF)

Charges for full plan applications 

Building regulation charges are charged for the service of checking plans of building work and inspecting building work, controlled under the Building Regulations. These charges are not discretionary and are applied to all work.

The charges listed below came into operation on 1 October 2023, and are published by authority of The Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010.

For further information about the calculation of charges please contact our Administration Team on 01274 433807.

New housing and non domestic work

For charges for the creation/conversion to new housing and all non domestic work please refer to Building Regulation Charges. Please call us on the above number for a quotation.

Full details of the building regulation charges can be found in Building Regulation Charges.

Application process

The application will be checked for compliance with the Building Regulations. If the work complies an approval notice will be issued to you. If it does not comply you will be invited to amend or alter it to make it comply. Where you anticipate delay obtaining information we require, conditional approval may be granted.

You may at any time withdraw your application if you anticipate delay either amending plans or providing outstanding information.

We no longer issue a set of stamped drawings with full plans decision notices. We will instead include a list of approved drawings within the body of the decision notice letter.

The list of approved drawings will be identified by the drawing reference supplied on the submitted drawings, so please ensure that all drawings are given a unique drawing reference. If you are submitting drawings via email, it will speed up our processing time if the drawing reference (including any revision reference) is included in the title of the document.

Changing the way that we approve applications has allowed applicants/agents to receive decision notices sooner, as we are able to send them via email, rather than in the post. If you have received a decision notice by post, and would like to register your email address with us, please contact us at buildingcontrol@bradford.gov.uk and we will update our records.