Building Notice application

A building notice can only be used for the extension or alteration of existing houses. It is a formal written notice to the Council that you intend to carry out building work.

The advantages of using the building notice are:

  • you can start work within 48 hours of depositing the notice
  • generally, you are not required to provide detail drawings
  • saving on the cost of producing plans although they may still have to be produced for Planning Permission

The disadvantages are:

  • there is no formal notice of approval
  • you have to pay both plan and inspection fee together when depositing the building notice
  • without the benefit of approved plans it may be difficult establishing what satisfies the building regulations
  • this is always the danger of carrying out work which will not comply and then having to pull it back
  • it can be difficult pricing the job when unsure as to what will comply with the building regulations

* Please note that a Building Notice cannot be used if a proposed building or extension is over, or within 3m of a public sewer.

Make an application online Planning Portal.

We welcome the submission of building regulation applications online via the Planning Portal. The Planning Portal will take you through the online submission process from selecting the appropriate forms and attaching documents to formally submitting the application and paying the application fee. 

Make an application via the Planning Portal

Building Notice application form(PDF)

Building Notice application notes and checklist (PDF)

Charges for Building notice applications

Building Regulation Charges are charged for inspecting building work, controlled under the Building Regulations. These charges are not discretionary and are applied to all work.

The charges listed below came into operation on 1 October 2023, and are published by authority of The Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010.

For further information about the calculation of charges please contact our Administration Team on 01274 433807.

New housing and non domestic work

For charges for the creation/conversion to new housing and all non domestic work please refer to Building Regulation Charges. Please call us on the above number for a quotation.

Full details of the building regulation charges can be found in Building Regulation Charges.

At the end of the job, if the work has been carried out satisfactorily, a 'completion certificate' will be issued. This confirms the work has received inspections from Building Control and that building regulations appear to have been met.