Looking after children with coronavirus

How to look after children with symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19)

Identifying Covid-19 symptoms in children can be difficult as it can be similar to many childhood illnesses.

  • A new, continuous cough and/or high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature).
  • Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.
  • For urgent advice contact the NHS 111 coronavirus service.

If you are unable to manage at home, you can also get in touch with your GP by phone.

Your GP will do a telephone or video consultation and, if necessary, arrange to see the child at a practice set up for those with possible Covid-19.The doctor you see will be in gloves, apron and a mask and will ask you and your child (if they are able) to wear a mask to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Here is the McCovid family to explain:

Helping your child feel better

  • If your child feels unwell, you can give them infant paracetamol (follow
    dosage instructions on the medication).
  • Help your child get rest and sleep

You can find more information on the NHS website.

When your child is ill it is important that they do not become dehydrated (especially if they have a fever, diarrhoea or vomiting) as this can make the illness worse and take them longer to recover.

Infants (less than 6 months) - should be offered small,more frequent breast or bottle feeds. Formula should never be diluted to a weaker strength.

Toddlers and Young Children - your child should be encouraged with lots of drinks and small frequent amounts of nourishing foods, as tolerated.

Here are some ideas for drinks:

  • water
  • diluted squash
  • ice lollies
  • ice cubes
  • milk
  • milkshakes

Here are some ideas for food:

  • Small bitesize sandwiches
  • Soup or dahl
  • Toast, plain rice or pasta
  • Breadsticks
  • Jelly or ice cream
  • Fruits with high water content like watermelons, strawberries, melon

If they seem very unwell, are getting worse or you think there’s something seriously wrong, call 999. Do not delay getting help if you’re worried. Trust your instincts.

For further information visit the Better Lives, Healthy Future website, contact your health visitor or ring them on: 01274 221223.