Where can I get sexual health services?

What are sexual health services?

The Council is responsible for supporting all residents to understand and control their sexual health, prevent the harm caused by sexually transmitted infections (STI), and decide when they want to become pregnant.

Sexual health services include:

  • access to contraception
  • advice about pregnancy
  • testing for STIs
  • treatment of STIs and notification of partners

Sexual health is about being able to have enjoyable and safe sexual experiences.

The Council commissions Locala Sexual Health to provide clinical services, and Yorkshire Mesmac to provide outreach support to high-risk groups. Some services are also provided online (for example, STI testing) or through GPs and pharmacies (for example, contraception). Complex services like HIV care are provided by the NHS.

How can I get sexual health services?

All sexual health services are free of charge, and most are accessible without the need for a referral. See below where you can have access to each type of service.

Locala Sexual Health

Locala offers to Bradford residents of all ages, free of charge:

  • A full range of types of contraception
  • Testing and treatment for STIs
  • Pregnancy testing and referrals to appropriate care
  • HIV PrEP and PEP

Locala services are available from the main clinic in Howard House (Bradford City Centre) and from some outreach clinics. If you want to book an appointment you should call first; you will be directed to a phone or face to face consultation according to risk and needs.

There is also an online chat with professionals available during service hours, and Queue & Wait clinics for under 18 years - check the Locala under 18s web page for more information.

Locala contacts:

  • 030 3330 9500 - Monday to Thursday, 8am to 5pm, Friday 8am to 4pm and Saturday 9.30am to 11.30am (excluding bank holidays).
  • 24-hour voicemail service - 030 3330 9500
  • Book a contraception phone appointment online using this booking form.
  • Chat online or book an appointment for other reasons through the Locala website

Online services

SH:24 is an online service that offers, free of charge:

  • STI test kits and treatment for genital warts or herpes for Bradford residents aged 16 and over
  • Emergency hormonal contraception for those aged 16 to 25 years.

You can order test kits and emergency pills online using the SH:24 website. You, you can also collect from Howard House (Locala clinic).

If you have painful symptoms or are aged under 16 years, you will not be able to use online services. In this case you will need to call Locala.

GP services

Most GPs offer appointments to discuss and prescribe contraception. Some GPs may be able to prescribe contraceptive pills and emergency contraception over the phone. GPs may also offer long-acting, reversible contraception methods like implants and devices that are inserted into your womb. Please check with your local doctor’s surgery.


You can buy condoms, pregnancy tests, emergency contraception, treatment for chlamydia and progestogen-only contraception pills without a prescription from most community pharmacies.

Some pharmacies provide condoms and lube kits for free to those under 19 years. Condoms are effective to protect against STIs. They can also help to prevent pregnancy, although they are less effective for this purpose than other methods.

There are ten pharmacies across Bradford which provide emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) free of charge for those under 19 years. Emergency hormonal contraception is a pill which can avoid pregnancy if taken in the first 3 to 5 days after unprotected sex. It is more effective the sooner you take it.

Pharmacies providing free EHC for under 19 years.:

  • Bradford: Boots The Broadway, BD1 1US; City Road Pharmacy, BD8 8JT; Kirkgate Pharmacy, BD1 1TQ
  • Wyke: Currie's Chemists, BD12 9JB
  • Bingley: Boots Main Street, BD16 1AJ
  • Keighley: Boots Queensway, BD21 3PY
  • Ilkley: Cohen's Chemist, LS29 7JN
  • Shipley: Lloyds Pharmacy Bingley Road, BD18 4RS; Westcliffe Pharmacy, BD18 3EE
  • Queensbury: Rowlands Pharmacy, BD13 2PA

Support with pregnancy

You can buy a pregnancy test from a pharmacy or supermarket. If you think you might be pregnant and would like advice, please ring Locala or make an appointment with your GP as soon as possible (030 3330 9500). We can support you to make decisions and help with referrals to antenatal care or termination of pregnancy clinics.

Support to vulnerable groups

Yorkshire Mesmac offers a range of services to people at high risk of STIs or unwanted pregnancy, including people living with HIV, young LGBTQ+ people, and people from African communities in Bradford. Services include:

  • Rapid testing for HIV and syphilis
  • Free condoms and lube kits
  • Social and support groups
  • One to one advice

Visit the Mesmac website for more information and access to services.


If you or someone that you know is at risk of any type of abuse, including sexual abuse, or has been forced to do something that they did not want to do, please contact one of the numbers below.

If you, or someone you know is at immediate risk of harm, contact the police on 999.

Where can I find out more?

You can find more information about sexual and reproductive health on the following websites:

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Contact details

To access sexual health services

Call Locala Sexual Health on 030 3330 9500

(Monday to Thursday, 8am to 5pm, Friday 8am to 4.30pm and Saturday 9.30am to 11.30am, excluding bank holidays).

Or visit the Locala website