How can I manage my child's weight?

As a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to tell that your child is overweight. A child may not look particularly heavy to be overweight. And because more children are becoming heavier at a younger age, we've become used to seeing bigger children.

Research shows children who achieve a healthy weight tend to be fitter, healthier, better able to learn, and more self-confident. They're also less likely to have low self-esteem or be bullied. And they're much less likely to have health problems in later life.

Evidence shows that your chances of losing weight and keeping it off are much better if you have support. There are local services that will help you and your family lead a healthier lifestyle, eat healthy and increase your physical activity levels.

Being overweight, or obese, can have a damaging effect on your health and life expectancy. As adults, carrying excess weight lead to coronary heart disease, liver disease, osteoarthritis, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some cancer.

To find out more about what support is available, please call 01274 435387.


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