What support is available for breastfeeding and weaning?

Breastfeeding support across the Bradford district 

A breastfeeding peer support service called Bradford Breastfeeding Buddies is available across the district for local pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers and their families. The service offers mother to mother support to enable and support mothers to initiate and establish breastfeeding and support them to continue breastfeeding confidently, to ensure that their baby has the best start possible in life.

Get in touch with Bradford Breastfeeding Buddies for all you breastfeeding questions or for further help or support.

Text FEED followed by mother’s name, postcode and baby’s date of birth to 66777 or find us on Facebook, search @Bradfordbreastfeedingbuddies or visit our page Bradford Breastfeeding Buddies.

You can also contact for further support and advice:

  • Bradford’s Health Visitors 01274 221223
  • Bradford’s Infant Feeding Specialist Midwife 01274 364583

A range of activities are also available across the district including antenatal sessions, group drop-ins in various venues across the district, one to ones, home visits, telephone calls and Facebook as well as peer supporters working on maternity wards in the  BRI and Airedale Hospital.

Women and their families are able to self refer.

Cook and wean programmes are running in a range of community venues across the district. The sessions usually run for two hours a week over six weeks. They are fun, practical and interactive and support participants in introducing healthy weaning practices for their baby with the aim of providing knowledge, skills and confidence to enable them to prepare simple healthy family meals on a budget based around the Eatwell Guide.

The service is a self referral scheme.

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