How can I manage my weight?

How can being overweight affect me?

A healthy diet and being physically active enables you to maintain a healthy weight.

Being overweight isn’t just about how you look. Carrying excess weight as an adult can have a serious impact on your health and lead to a number of different health conditions, such as low self-esteem and even mental health problems.

Being overweight as a child has been associated with a range of health conditions and there is also evidence of lower school attainment, lower self-esteem and depression.

What causes obesity?

Obesity occurs when you eat or drink more energy than you use through your body’s metabolism and physical activity over a long period of time.

You can help to tackle this problem by increasing your level of physical activity and reducing the number of calories in your food by having a healthy diet.

How can I manage my weight?

You can find out more information on what a healthy weight is on the Living Well website.

If you want to lose weight and have a health condition you should first speak to your GP practice who can advise you if there are any weight management support options that suit your health needs.

On the Living Well website you can also find free weight management support.

What if I have a medical condition that makes it hard to exercise?

The BEEP (Bradford Encouraging Exercise in People) Exercise referral scheme provides advice and support to help you increase your physical activity levels in a safe and effective way. Your GP or any other health professional can refer you into this programme if you have a qualifying medical condition.

To find out more see the exercising with long term health conditions page on the Living Well website, or call the team on 01274 435388.

Children and Families Living Well Service

The Children and Families Living Well Service accept referrals for children aged 2 to 19 who are above a healthy weight.

The service have friendly, trained advisors who offer 6 home-based sessions to parents of children under the age of 13 or can work more directly with children aged 13 or over.

The team is supported by a registered mental health nurse and dietitian. They will encourage you and your family to take positive steps which are right for you, supporting you to identify changes that will help the whole family work towards goals such as eating well, moving well, sleeping well and feeling mentally well.

Please call 01274 435660.

Where else can I get support?

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