Healthy living apps

You can get extra support to make your lifestyle healthier with these mobile phone apps. These sites many not offer apps on all phones and are not run by the council.

Healthy weight

Be Food Smart - Find out how much sugar, sat fat and salt is really inside your food and drink.

Change4Life Sugar Smart - Check how much sugar there is in your food.

Calorie Checker

NHS BMI healthy weight calculator and tracker

Easy Meals

Be active

Active 10 Walking Tracker - Helps you track how many brisk 10 minute walks you do each day to stay healthy.

One You Couch to 5K - Help to get active and start running.

Pregnancy and parenting

The Baby Buddy - Provides a wide range of trusted advice, tips, facts and videos to help you and your partner throughout pregnancy and for your first few month with baby.

Stop Smoking

Stoptober - Get support to quit. If you quit smoking for 28 days you're 5 times more likely to give up.

NHS Smokefree app - Support, reminders and advice on how best to quit smoking.

Alcohol trackers

Days Off - Feel healthier, lose weight and save money - simply nominate days to take off drinking

One You Drinks Tracker - Check how much you've been drinking this week.

Drink Less  - An app to help people reduce their consumption of alcohol.

Morning After Calculator - Helping you make sure you're safe driving the morning after drinking alcohol.

Cancer Screening

Breast Check Now - Make checking yourself part of your routine and learn the signs and symptoms.

Suicide Prevention

Stay Alive - Help for people concerned about someone else or those having a mental health crisis