GreenLine Mile

What are GreenLine Miles?

They are mile long circular routes aimed at encouraging more people to walk, jog or run around the city.

We have developed the four GreenLine Mile routes in Bradford along with British Athletics and the Bradford Athletics.

Bradford is the first city in the country to install these new accessible one-mile loops which are part of a national initiative to help people get active whether they are aged three, 33 or 103.

Where are the routes?

The four routes have been designed to be easy to follow, instantly recognisable and generally accessible to everyone - whether they are local or visiting the City Centre.

  • Route 1: City Park and the University (PDF, 536 Kb) – following part of the well-established Bradford City Runs route along Thornton Road before going around the Bradford University campus and returning to the Alhambra
  • Route 2: Little Germany (PDF, 397 Kb) – A route that winds itself through the beautiful architecture of this historic part of the city, next to the Cathedral
  • Route 3: Manningham Lane (PDF, 305 Kb) – Around the Valley Parade football stadium, this route links Manningham Lane, Thorncliffe Road and Midland Road passing the nursery and children's centre
  • Route 4: Myra Shay (PDF, 365 Kb) – Taking in the Myra Shay playing fields and linking the Lapage, Delius Bradford Moor and Byron schools
  • Route 5: Lund Park (PDF, 569 Kb) - A circular route around the fabulous historic Lund Park in Keighley. Originally donated to Keighley Corporation in 1888 by James Lund of Malsis Hall, a large land owner and born of the town of Keighley
  • Route 6: Girlington (PDF, 1 Mb) – An active walk linking key locations in the area including the popular and friendly community park, West Park, with many facilities including fixed play, basketball court, crown green bowls and skate park

They are marked out by distinctive green markers placed at regularly intervals with signs placed at certain points around the loop.

They can be used by the local community for buggy fit exercise groups, dementia memory walks, walking business meetings and lunchtime exercise routes.