City Centre Priority Streets Local Development Order

Within the area of Bradford City Centre as detailed on Plan 1 planning permission is hereby granted for the following changes of use within the Town & Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 including any statutory amendment to that Order:

Class 1

Permitted Development

Development consisting of a change of the use of a building to:

  • A1: Shops (includes shops, hairdressers, travel and ticket agencies, post offices, dry cleaners, pet shops, sandwich bars)
  • A2: Financial and professional services (includes banks, building societies, estate and employment agencies)
  • A3: Restaurants and cafes (includes snack bars)
  • A4: Drinking establishments (includes public houses, wine bars – but not night clubs)
  • AA: Drinking establishments with extended food offer

Development Not Permitted

Development is not permitted by Class 1

  1. if the premises subject to change of use to A2 use involves betting shops, pawnbrokers, amusement arcades or other premises or as a payday loan shop of any description falling within the A2 use class;


  1. The LDO and the terms within it will be active for a period of three years following the day of its adoption and will expire following this period. It will cease to apply on the Day following the third anniversary of its adoption.
  2. Subject to these conditions, uses which have started under the provision of the LDO may continue even if the LDO expires or is modified
  3. An active display window, relevant to the commercial use, shall be maintained at all times in the window(s) fronting the street at ground floor level, in order to protect the vitality and viability of the town centre.


  1. The LDO does not grant any planning permission for any building, engineering or other operational development
  2. The permission granted by this LDO does not include or remove any need (i) to obtain listed buildings consent for works to or affecting a listed building or (ii) to obtain any express consent for the display of any advertisement, where, in either such case, this is required.
  3. Once development granted by this LDO has been completed developers are requested to complete and return the ‘notice of completion’ form to the Planning Service. Please contact the Planning Service on 01274 434605 for more information.