Pre application advice for major developments

The aim of the pre application service for major developments is to provide greater certainty and clarity to applicants and developers by identifying planning issues and requirements at the earliest possible stage and speed up the planning process. Furthermore it can help to minimise a developers subsequent planning application costs and avoid abortive applications.

What kind of developments will benefit from this service?

This service is aimed at major development proposals. These are defined as being proposals for:

Category ‘A’ Proposals - Large Scale Complex Development

  • 25 or more residential units.
  • Any development exceeding 2000 sq metres of new or additional floorspace.
  • Any new quarry or landfill.
  • Any extension to an existing quarry or landfill where extraction or deposit exceeds 30,000 tpa, or 5ha.
  • Any waste management facility processing over 50,000 tpa.
  • Any hazardous waste management facility processing over 5,000 tpa.

Category ‘B’ Proposals - Other Major Development

  • Provision of 10-24 residential units.
  • Any development of 1000 sq metres – 2000 sq metres of floorspace.
  • Development involving a site of 0.5ha and over.
  • All other quarry or landfill proposals.
  • Any waste management facility processing between 5,000 and 50,000 tpa.

Category ‘C’ Proposals - Other Non Major Complex Development

  • Development requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Planning proposals which are associated with complex heritage, listed building or conservation issues.

The service will also include other applications associated with major developments such as listed building consent and conservation area consent.

Benefits of pre application advice

This service provides the following benefits:

  • Early indication if a proposal is likely to be acceptable.
  • Early identification of the issues that need to be addressed prior to the submission of a formal application.
  • Early identification of the need for specialist input concerning matters such as listed buildings, highway matters, trees, landscape, noise issues, contaminated land, biodiversity and drainage.
  • Early identification of any Section 106 requirements/contributions.
  • To provide an appropriate degree of certainty of the likelihood of a positive decision being made within the 13 week target.
  • Advice on the community engagement required in accordance with the Council’s adopted Statement of Community Involvement, prior to the submission of an application.
  • Advice on the plans and supporting documents you need to submit with your formal application to ensure that it is valid on receipt.
  • To establish a timetable for the formal application.
  • Reduce the amount of negotiations and amendments required at the formal application stage.

How do I apply?

Please complete the major pre application advice request form, attach any relevant supporting information and send it to the address on this page. 

What information do I need to submit?

To help us respond to your request, please provide as much information as possible about your proposal. As a general guide we would suggest that the following information should be submitted:

  • A location plan at a scale of not less than 1:1250 showing the site clearly marked.
  • Site layout plan of not less than 1:500.
  • Details and photographs of the existing site and buildings including the location of trees, topography and landscape features.
  • Details of what is considered to be the existing lawful use of the site or buildings on the site.
  • The applicant’s status regarding the ownership of the land to be covered by the application.
  • A full description of your proposals including a breakdown of the site/internal floorspace and schedule of proposed uses.
  • Drawings and sketches of the proposed development. This should include elevations, floor plans, adjacent buildings, access, servicing, parking arrangements, the initial architectural approach and materials where known. For minerals and waste applications it should also include quantities to be extracted or processed per annum, likely timescales if temporary development and appropriate drawings.
  • A drainage strategy outlining the basic principles of how the proposed development intends to manage and dispose of surface water runoff. This should include options for the final outfall location of runoff, type and form of surface water storage structures where applicable and the proposed minimum standards of operation of the surface water drainage system.
  • Any additional drawings that help demonstrate the impact of the proposal on its surroundings eg streetscapes.

If you request a pre application meeting then the supporting documents must be received (where applicable) at least ten working days in advance, otherwise the meeting will need to be rescheduled:

Fees Payable

The following fees apply:

  • Category ‘A’ Proposals £1,474.20 (including VAT)
  • Category ‘B’ Proposals £819 (including VAT)
  • Category ‘C’ Proposals £504 (including VAT)

These fees include the amount of time taken by a planning officer from the investigation stage to the actual meeting and final written comment. They also cover the cost of time of any specialist officer at the meeting and their contribution to the final written advice.

For more complicated proposals a number of meetings may be required to cover all relevant issues before a formal application is submitted. In these cases we will make a further charge as follows:

  • Follow up meeting - Category ‘A’ Proposals £680.40 (including VAT)
  • Follow up meeting - Category ‘B’ Proposals £378 (including VAT)
  • Follow up meeting - Category ‘C’ Proposals £226.80 (including VAT)

We will advise on the additional costs prior to the arrangement of any subsequent meetings.

Please note that this fee is solely for the provision of pre application advice and does not count towards the fee for any subsequent planning application. It is also non refundable unless the meeting is cancelled by the Council.

The standard fee must be paid prior to the first meeting. Payment can be made by bank transfer, debit card, credit card or cheque. More information about how to make a payment can be found on the enquiry form.   

The service you will receive from us

We will:

  • Provide confirmation within five working days of receiving your request to tell you whether the service is right for you. The service has the right to decline a request for pre-application advice where it is not considered either appropriate or necessary.
  • Provide details of any further information you may need to supply.
  • Contact you within 10 working days of receiving the fee and any other information we have requested from you to arrange a date for the meeting.
  • Arrange a meeting with you and all Council Officers needed to advise you on your case.
  • Provide detailed written confirmation within 10 working days of the meeting, or a timescale agreed within the meeting of the advice and views given by us. This will include what you need to supply to submit a valid application.
  • Advice on any section 106 agreement requirements.

Any pre application advice that has been provided will be carefully considered when reaching a decision or recommendation on an application; subject to the provision that circumstances and information may change or come to light that could alter that position. Any advice given by Council Officers does not constitute a formal response or decision of the Council. Any views or opinions expressed are in good faith, and to the best of ability, without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application which will be subject to public consultation and ultimately decided by the Council.

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