Do I need building regulations?

You will need to have building regulation approval for most types of building work, including:

  • new buildings 
  • extending your home 
  • internal alterations such as removal of walls or partitions and chimney breasts 
  • converting a loft for use as a room 
  • changing the use of a building 
  • underpinning a building 
  • installing or altering drainage 
  • installing or replacing heating appliances, hot water storage systems or ventilation systems systems including opening up old fireplaces and lining flues 
  • installing solar panels 
  • installing replacement glazed windows, doors and roof lights 
  • rewiring and alterations to electrical wiring 
  • underpinning of foundations /replacement of roof covering, rendering and wall cladding 
  • substantial renovation of a wall, floor, ceiling or a roof 
  • fitting of sinks, baths, showers, WCs

The above list is not exhaustive.

Guidance on the need for building regulations, including case studies can be found on the Planning Portal website

For a simple visual guide explore the interactive house, terrace and mini guides on the Planning Portal for guidance relating to common householder projects, flats, shops and basements.

If you are unsure whether your works require building regulation approval please contact us.

Failure to apply can put you at risk and cause delays when you want to sell your house


Certain minor works do not need approval under the building regulations. These include some small detached garages, sheds, carports, porches and conservatories. For more information about all types of exempt buildings, please see exemption from building regulations on the planning portal.

Competent Person Scheme

The Competent Person Scheme introduced by the Government in 2002, allows individuals and enterprises to self-certify that their work complies with the Building Regulations and means that they do not have to apply for regulations approval for specific types of work. More information about the competent person self certification scheme can be found on the planning portal

Make a Building Regulations application

Find out how to make a Building Regulations application.