Advice on fire precautions

Means of escape

New buildings and those being altered or extended are designed and built in accordance with the latest standards of escape in case of fire. These standards are recommended in the Building Regulations and British Standard Codes of Practice.

Building Control works closely with West Yorkshire Fire Service who have responsibility for enforcing the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in most buildings other than private dwelling house.

For further information ring any of our Building Control Offices or the WYFS (West Yorkshire Fire Service).

Guidance on Fire Plans

This guidance is provided for the benefit of building designers who intend to submit a Full Plans Building Regulation application for proposed building work to a non domestic building. Domestic applications do not require submission of a Fire Plan.

The need for these plans arises when you are planning work on any premises to which the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies. This in practice is all buildings other than private dwelling houses.

In such circumstances you are required to provide two copies of Fire Plans to accompany your Full Plans Building Regulation application to show the fire safety strategy for the building.

The Fire Plans aid consultation between Building Control and the Fire Service, however all communications must be direct with Building Control. A non-domestic application is incomplete without them. Any incomplete Full Plans applications cannot be processed.

The following information is required on a Fire Plan:

  • Means of escape routes and their protection, including position and type of fire doors 
  • Details of any 'Passive' fire protection measures ie Fire Resistance 
  • Compartmentation etc 
  • Access and facilities for the fire service 
  • Fire Fighting Equipment 
  • Emergency Lighting, Fire Exit signs and other fire safety notices 
  • Details of any 'Active' fire protection systems such as sprinklers, automatic detection 
  • Details of any Fire Engineering solutions to ensure fire safety within the building 
  • Dimensions of escape route widths and door openings.

Example of a Fire Plan

Diagram showing an example of a fire plan