What goes into school meals?

Great care goes into designing the menu to make sure it is balanced, provides plenty of choice and is popular with our young customers.

The recipes of all the dishes on the menu then need to be tweaked and adjusted to get the tastes and flavours just right.

We also consider lots of other factors. This means we choose the best and most appropriate ingredients to go into the food we provide.

Ingredient policy

All products and ingredients are analysed for their suitability for children’s diets, and we consider things such as additives and preservatives that can affect concentration and behaviour.

Food in schools has been subject to a great deal of government regulation in recent years and we take on full responsibility for compliance with current government standards for school lunch provision.

We have developed very stringent standards with regard to all the food and ingredients we use, and we carefully brief and monitor our suppliers to ensure they follow our instructions.

Allergen information

Allergen information may be found in the documents on this page. Information for primary schools can also be found in our school meals app.

We know that the allergen documents are not accessible, and are working to produce accessible versions. If you have any problems accessing the documents please contact fm.menus@bradford.gov.uk.