Primary schools

This is where their school lunch journey begins, and we are dedicated to providing an enjoyable lunch experience for your child throughout their time at primary school.

We provide catering services at most of the primary schools in the district. The percentage of children eating school meals in the Bradford Council district is higher than the national average and still rising. We feel this shows that local children are enjoying the excellent value, tasty and nutritionally balanced school meals that we provide.

Each of the schools we cater for has its own bespoke menu, so to see the specific detail of what is on offer for lunch at your child’s school, please check the school website.

Breakfast service

Our breakfast service offers cereals, hot and cold drinks and toast to help ensure that children get this important intake of food at the start of the day.

Tuck shops

These usually consist of a fruit only tuck shop, or a toast only tuck shop - whatever has been agreed as suitable by individual schools.

After school clubs

Light snacks and drinks available for children participating in after school clubs, homework clubs and similar.

Packed lunches for school trips

To help school trips go smoothly we are able to provide packed lunches for all the children going off-site, saving parents the hassle of having to make up one themselves.

Promoting positive messages

We aim to make lunchtimes fun, but as well holding theme events and other promotions we also see that we have a role to play in supporting positive messages that are taught in school.

So we use staff training, promotional events and posters to help get the message across about the benefits of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, all of which helps in educational achievement.

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