Secondary schools

The move up to secondary school can be an exciting time and there will certainly be a big difference from what students will have been used to in terms of food in school.

Catering options

Throughout the school day it’s our aim to provide our customers with tasty, nutritious food and drink that always hits the spot.

We’ve a range of choices at different service points at various times of day, to give students as much opportunity as possible to quickly get to the food they want.


We start serving early with our breakfast service available from 8am.

So for a great start to the day, students are able to join their friends for breakfast where they can choose from cereals, toast plus toppings, hot snacks, fresh fruit, smoothies, yoghurt, fruit juices, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Morning break

We also provide a mid morning break service. This offers a range of sandwiches, snacks and drinks for those who need a boost of energy to get them through until lunchtime, or who wish to purchase something for their lunch early.

Lunchtime services

To help students quickly get what they want for lunch, we have a number of service points each of which offers a different type of food.

Main Meals

We provide a hot main meal menu with a meat, vegetarian and halal meat choice every day. Our hot dishes can be enjoyed with side dishes, a hot sweet of the day and a choice of cold desserts.

Deli Bar

Students visiting our Deli Bar will find a range of sandwiches, fresh homemade soups, jacket potatoes with hot and cold fillings, cold desserts and a selection of drinks.

Subs Bar

In some schools for students wanting a made to order sandwich we have our Deli Plus bar, where you can choose from freshly made bespoke sandwiches, fresh smoothies, fresh fruit pre-packed, fruit pots, and drinks.

Panini & Wraps

At our Panini & Wraps point we sell a selection of hot hand held snack items with delicious fillings such as Chicken Tikka, Tuna Melt, Spicy Tomato and Cheese, Mexican Fajita Chicken, Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable with Piri - Piri Sauce, along with a range of cold desserts and drinks.

Pasta Bar

Here we provide a Pasta dish of the day, with side orders, drinks, and hot or cold desserts.

Grab & Go

We understand that many students like to take part in sporting or other activities at lunch time.

So our Grab & Go service offers such students a packed lunch selection that they can simply order, collect, and take away to eat at their leisure. Grab & Go meals can be ordered by the end of morning break for collection on that same day.


We also provide a Vending service so that students can buy a range of freshly prepared sandwiches, fresh fruit, cold desserts, and cold drinks whenever they want it.

Please note: The actual number of separate service points available and the range of dishes on offer varies from school to school

Dining Environment

Our aim is to create a smart, attractive environment where students want to be and where they feel welcome.

We use our 'Culture Kitchen' dining service identity in the secondary school we operate in. And our clear service point identification and informative menus and tariffs help make it easier for our customers to make a well informed choice when coming to make a purchase.

Promotional activity

However good the food service, potential customers need to be attracted towards it, and the interest of existing customers needs to be maintained. So we use a series of promotional activities to help keep our menu offer fresh and exciting.

We also believe that it’s important to establish an early pattern of buying behaviour. So in the schools where we provide the catering, we support the activities introducing Year 7 students to life in secondary school and we will be offering them a week of free meals during September.

Meal Deals

The majority of food and drink items within secondary schools are individually priced. We happen to think our food is great value for money, and if students choose one of our extensive range of meal deals typically priced at £2.70, that value gets even better.

We provide a range of standard meal deal packages, with these options being supported periodically by special promotional deals, to maximise customer interest, for example, additional free items as part of a meal deal.

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