Benefits and welfare advice and help

This page sets out where you can find welfare advice, such as help with benefits, debt and housing.

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What benefits can you access from the council?

Bradford Council administers many benefits, including:

More information about the benefits the council provides is available in our main benefits section of the website.

Where can I get advice about Bradford Council benefits?

You can get advice at:

Other welfare advice

Bradford Council works with partner organisations who provide a wide range welfare advice (including council benefit advice). This includes help with:

  • debt
  • housing – such as landlord and tenant issues and property disrepairs
  • welfare benefits (this includes council and non-council benefits, such as Universal Credit)
  • immigration
  • employment matters, trading standards and other issues

Where can I find these advice organisations?

Debt specific advice

All of the above organisations provide help with debt, however you can also get money and debt advice through the Money Helper website. This provides links to debt advice organisations which, like all of the advice mentioned on this page, is free.


If you need to access a food bank, please look at the Bradford Foodbanks website for details.