Can my claim for Benefit or Council Tax Reduction be backdated?

You can ask for a backdate if there is a reason that you did not apply for benefit earlier. You will need to tell us the reasons so that we can make a decision based on your circumstances about whether to allow a backdate.

If we allow a backdate, it can be paid for a maximum period of:

  • one month if you are of working age ( this means below the qualifying age for State Pension Credit)
  • three months for people of pension age ( this means above the qualifying age for State Pension Credit)

You can ask for a backdate when you are completing a new application form or in writing, you need to include:

  • your name
  • address
  • claim reference number
  • the date you want the claim to start
  • the reasons for not applying earlier

If you disagree with the date your claim starts for another reason you will need to make an appeal.

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