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Where can I hire a football pitch?

Outdoor pitches with floodlighting and featuring the latest technology in synthetic surfaces are available at:

How much does it cost to hire a football pitch?

Manningham Sports Centre

Pitch Adult Junior
Smaller pitch - per hour £46.50 £31
Multi-activity coaching area - per hour £36 £26

Marley Activities and Coaching Centre

Activity Adult Junior
Outside Pitch ¼ £32 £16
Outside Pitch ¼ Floodlit £45 £22.50
Outside Pitch ½ £66.15 £33.05
Outside Pitch ½ Floodlit £81.40 £40.70
Full Pitch £105.10 £52.55
Full Pitch Floodlit £119.10 £59.55
Match – Full Pitch 1½ hours £143.90 £71.95
Match – Full Pitch 1½ hours Floodlit £168.80 £84.40

Thornton Recreation Centre 3G pitch

Floodlights are charged at £6 per half pitch, per hour.

Activity Adult Junior
Full Pitch - per hour £96 £48
Half Pitch - per hour £48 £24
Quarter Pitch - per hour £30 £15
90 minute match  £120 per hour £60 per hour

Tong Sports Centre

Activity Adult Junior
Full-size pitch floodlit - per hour £119 £62.50
Two-thirds pitch (ideal for smaller parties) - per hour £93 £41.50
One  third pitch - per hour £52 £26
90 minute match £156 £78

How do I book a football pitch?

To book a pitch please email, call or visit. Online booking is not currently available. You will be required to pay upon arrival.

Bookings are normally only available up to 7 days in advance - but for special events consideration will be given to booking further in advance at the discretion of the manager.

Manningham Sports Centre


Telephone 01274 436617 or 01274 436626.

Marley Activities and Coaching Centre


Thornton Recreation Centre


Telephone 01274 436022.

Tong Sports Centre

Email or

Tong does not have credit/debit card facilities and is only able to take calls/enquiries after about 5pm (Monday to Friday).

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