Personal injury collision data

We use personal injury collision data recorded by the police to highlight problem sites by looking at where clusters of collisions appear and the causes of these collisions.

The information obtained from the collisions details is used by:

  • road safety officers and traffic engineers in prioritising and targeting problem sites 
  • road safety officers to decide routes for walking bus schemes and safer routes to school and when working on statistics projects as part of the traffic education scheme in local schools 
  • local residents requesting details of collisions on a particular road 
  • businesses - consultancy and engineering firms in the planning stages of a project and solicitors requesting details of collisions on a particular road.

The Council is a licensed holder of personal injury collision data and charges for providing the data based on the size of the area of search. The initial, basic cost of the data is £171.60 (£143.00 + VAT).

However, larger areas will be charged based on an hourly rate. If you would like to request collision data or a quote please contact 01274 431000 and you will be directed to an officer in the relevant area team.

Please note that we only hold personal injury data. We do not hold any other data about collisions.