Parking account and parking spaces

Parking Account for year ended 31 March 2014

On Street Parking 650,800
Off Street Parking 1,437,200
Penalty charge notice 2,593,800
Total Income 4,681,800
Employees 1,691,800
Premises 502,700
Transport 35,200
Supplies and Services 587,800
Third Part Payment 129,000
Transfer Payment 100
Recharge 608,300
Capital 1,600
Total Expenditure 3,556,500
Net surplus 1,125,300


Any net surplus resulting from car parking is used for the good of highways.

The revenue cost of highways maintenance is approximately £14.1m in 2014/15 and the amount spent significantly exceeds the surplus generated from car parking.

Car parking spaces

There are 3997 off-street and 759 on-street car park spaces in Bradford district.