Pay, grading structure and senior salaries

This data is now available to download from Data Mill North.

Pay Multiple

The highest paid salary in this Authority is £182,064 p.a. which is paid to the Chief Executive. The average median salary in this Authority (not including employees in schools maintained by the Authority) is £19,939 p.a. The ratio between the two salaries, the 'pay multiple' is 9.1:1.

Gender Pay Gap

Following new legislation, we have published the council's 'gender pay gap' figures for 2017.

The figures show the difference between average earnings of males and females working across the authority.

The gender pay gap reflects the overall difference between how much women and men are paid, but does not take into account the type of work people do. It should not be confused with unequal pay, which is the unlawful practice of paying males and females differently for performing the same or similar work, or work of equal value.

The figures have been published in response to new national legislation which requires employers with more than 250 employees to publish gender pay gap information each year. The aim of this is to increase awareness and improve pay equality across the country.

To read our gender pay gap figures in full, please take a look at our Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 (PDF) 

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