Housing Standards Team

The Housing Standards Team is part of Bradford Council. We can help people who are private tenants in Bradford by making sure that their landlords deal with housing defects properly. Housing defects are things that may affect the health and safety of people living in a house or flat. These include things like

  • Damp or mould growth from excess cold or housing defects
  • Inadequate heating, ventilation, lighting or security
  • Overcrowding
  • Fire safety
  • Inadequate kitchen or bathroom facilities
  • Unsafe gas and electrical installations
  • Structural instability and defects
  • Hazards linked to falls, burns and scalds

You can find more information about housing hazards by clicking on Health and Safety Rating System

Please be aware that the Housing Standards Team do not deal with other tenancy issues such as reclaiming money from landlords or how much rent is being paid.

The Housing Standards Team also deal with Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). Extra standards apply for tenanted “bedsits” and shared houses (which are usually classed as HMOs) and some HMOs must be licensed by the Council.

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Contact details

Housing Standards Team
8th Floor, Margaret McMillan Tower
Princes Way,

Phone : 01274 434520
Email : CHPenquiries@bradford.gov.uk

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