Retaliatory eviction

Retaliatory eviction happens where a private landlord serves an eviction notice on a tenant because the tenant has asked for repairs to be done, or because they have asked for help from the local authority’s housing standards team. This is also sometimes referred to as revenge eviction.

Since October 2015, the law has provided some protection for tenants who are threatened with eviction because they have raised legitimate concerns about the state of the house or flat that they rent.  However, before the additional protection against retaliatory eviction comes in to play a tenant must show that they have contacted their landlord [link to “Getting repairs done” page] and asked them to carry out reasonable repairs.

Retaliatory eviction is an unacceptable practice and no tenant should fear becoming homeless because they have asked for repairs that are properly needed.  Here is some more information from the Government on retaliatory eviction (pdf, 1Mb).

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