Rights of Way Improvements

The ‘Rights of Way Improvement Plan’ is a ten-year strategy document, produced by the Council to assess the extent to which the public rights of way network in Bradford meets the current and likely future needs of the public. It includes an Action Plan demonstrating what we plan to do to secure an improved network.

Chapters 1 to 3 detail the process and consultations that were carried out, Chapter 4 covers policy and Chapters 5 and 6 include and assessment of resources and an Action Plan describing improvements planned for the next few years.

Action Plan

Over 260 potential improvements to the rights of way network were sent to us during the consultation period for this document; either suggesting changes to existing paths that would make them easier to use or promote, or ideas for additional paths by either making new ones or upgrading existing ones to allow a wider range of users.

We have prioritised some of these ideas to take forward, resulting in:

  • An Action Plan for 2006-2010 for improvements to existing rights of way. 
  • A Provisional list of further improvements for beyond 2010. 
  • An Action Plan for potential new routes from 2007 onwards. 
  • A list of large scale projects beyond our current funding levels. 
  • Key Policy Statements to help us work in new ways to facilitate improvements to the network.

The Action Plan determines specific activity year on year and is intended to be flexible and dynamic. It will be reviewed annually and new suggestions will be incorporated where they fit with the priorities.

You can download the Bradford Rights of Way Action Plan (PDF, 1 Mb).