Memorials and memorial benches

We have a policy for managing memorials and memorial benches in our parks, countryside and woodlands. 


We will allow authorised memorials at our parks, countryside and woodland sites, subject to the following: 

  • We will limit the number and type of memorials at some parks, woodland and countryside sites.  Details of sites where memorials will be limited are set out in the schedule which accompanies this policy.  Areas where no further memorials will be permitted will also be identified in the schedule.
  • We will purchase and install the agreed memorial and re-charge the costs (including installation costs).  Charges will be set out in advance of purchase.
  • We will not maintain or replace memorials and reserve the right to remove them if they fall into disrepair or are damaged (having contacted or made attempts to contact the provider before doing so).
  • We will remove unauthorised memorials from countryside, parks and woodland – in the case of floral tributes, after a suitable period.

Sites schedule

See the sites schedule page for details.