Reducing the risk of moorland fires

Our moorland areas are precious resources and are at risk from wildfire during dry weather. The impact of wildfire on these sites can be devastating and results in loss of habitat, air and water pollution, risk to people and property, release of carbon into the atmosphere, loss of grazing land and many other problems. The costs and effort required in dealing with a wildfire are also significant and divert our fire and Rescue Services and other agencies from other important work.

In an effort to reduce the risk of wildfire outbreaks, Bradford Council has introduced a Public Space Protection Order which prohibits the use of barbecues, fires, Chinese lanterns, fireworks and anything else which could cause a fire. This Order applies to areas of publicly accessible moorland within the Bradford District, as shown on the plan. Anyone seen using a barbecue or other activity prohibited by the Order, will be asked to extinguish and surrender it and if they refuse, they can be served with a fixed penalty notice subject to a fine of £100.

Please see the map here showing the areas included in the order:

Wildfire PSPO boundary

Please assists us by observing this Order and if out and about on the moor, being careful with matches, lighters, cigarettes etc. If you spot fire or smoke on the moors between 15 April and 1 October dial 999 immediately. Landowners are legally able to burn off the heather outside of those dates, but not between them during the spring and summer months.

More detail is available on the Moors for the Future Partnership website.