Children and young people

If you are a child or young person reading this and you are living with violence at home please keep reading - you are not alone. There are many others in your situation and help is available.

If you want to talk to someone you can call Childline, this is a free, 24 hour confidential helpline for children and young people who need to talk. Trained counsellors are there to provide comfort, support and advice about any problem that’s on your mind. You can contact Childline 24 hours a day, every day, by phone on 0800 1111 or on the Childline website, or you can visit one of the domestic violence and abuse websites especially for children and young people:

The Hideout is a website created by Women’s Aid to help children and young people to understand domestic violence and abuse, and how to take positive action if it’s happening to you.

In an emergency always call 999.

If this is happening in your family, remember that you are not alone. Domestic violence and abuse happens in lots of families and there are people that can help you and your family. Everyone has the right to be and feel safe.

If you are a young person experiencing violence or abuse in your own relationship you have a right to have your feelings and your relationship taken seriously whatever your age.

Whether you are male or female you can call Staying Put for support with witnessing or suffering domestic abuse.

You can also contact the Youth Information Service which is a free and confidential service, for all young people aged up to 25, based in Britannia House Customer Service Centre.

You might prefer to talk to another family member, youth worker or someone at school such as a teacher or Learning Mentor.

Remember, if you or someone else is in immediate danger always call 999.