Report a pothole or uneven surface

Report a pothole

You can report potholes using the link below which takes you to our My Requests system. You will need to register to do this if you have not used My Requests before.

We recommend using My Requests with a different web browser than Internet Explorer, such as Chrome or Safari.

Report a pothole or uneven surface now

When you report a pothole we need the following information from you:

  • the street name 
  • the type of surface 
  • the size of the pothole

Where are potholes found?

Potholes may occur on:

  • a road 
  • a pavement 
  • a verge (the area of grass between a road and a pavement) 
  • a footpath 
  • a bridleway

What causes potholes?

Potholes may be caused by:

  • stress from the weight of heavy vehicles 
  • weather conditions and time weakening the tarmac 
  • essential repairs by utility companies making the road surface weak


The Council carries out safety inspections on roads and pavements throughout the district. The frequency of the inspection depends on type of road, where it is and how busy it is.

The different types of inspections are:

  • monthly - busy shopping areas, main roads 
  • quarterly - busy footways, other classified roads (‘B’ roads for example) and bus routes 
  • annual - Unclassified roads, minor residential footways and adopted back streets