Hard Ings Road improvement scheme

2a Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO)

Existing Traffic Orders, including waiting restrictions and turning manoeuvers have been evaluated and a new Traffic Regulation Order is to be implemented.

The revised Traffic Regulation Orders were approved to be advertised by the Director of Place on 18 September 2018.

The Orders were advertised on site and in the local press on Friday 28 June 2019 (notices on site for 3 weeks). No objections were received.

The main changes are:

  1. Proposed 'No Waiting At Any Time' (NWAAT) restrictions on lengths of Hard Ings Road (in grey on attached plan HS/103197/CON-1B). To ensure safe vehicular access to/from businesses (protecting sight-lines). Additionally it is proposed that lengths of limited waiting single yellow lining is to be changed to NWAAT (for example on Beechcliffe Roundabout); changing from single to double yellow lines removes the requirements for signage (and maintenance of said signage).
  2. Several exits from businesses on the northern and southern sides of Hard Ings Road to have mandatory left turns; right-turning traffic to use the signal-controlled roundabouts.
  3. It is proposed that the speed limit on a length of the southbound lane (approximately 600m towards Keighley) of the A629, currently subject to national speed limit, is to be reduced to 50mph to afford a more gradual speed reduction and thus deter sudden braking manoeuvres, lane changes etc.
  4. During the construction period temporary speed limits and diversions may also be required; you will be notified in the local press and on site if applicable.

The following are to remain unchanged:

  1. Existing Waiting, Parking and Loading Restrictions on Lawkholme Lane, Byrl Street, Back Byrl Street, Caledonia Street, Back Caledonia Street and Kirby Street.
  2. The one way operation of Back Byrl Street and Back Caledonia Street.
  3. The existing No Right Turn from Lawkholme Lane into Hard Ings Road.
  4. The existing No Right Turn from Hard Ings Road into Keighley Leisure Centre.